Circue provides decision support for the circular construction value chain through digital innovation

Circue provides a one-point entry to circular decision-making in the construction sector. We collect, validate, and enrich data on existing building stock, embedded materials and embodied carbon. We use data to provide decision support for building owners and stakeholders in the circular construction value chain.

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AI-supported resource screening

Advanced tools to support manual resource mapping, environmental screening, and structural tests

Embodied and operational carbon audits

Dashboards and detailed reports for different users

Circular Scenario Evaluation

Decision support for refurbishment, transformation or demolition processes

Scenario intention reflected on all materials in a building

Dashboard provides circularity overview for building owner

Project & Portfolio Management

Easy onboarding, setup and management of single projects

Advanced features for portfolio or enterprise managers

Detailed user handling and permissions for different roles

Material Exchange 1.0

Overview of available materials from various marketplaces

Browse, search and filter materials

Compare prices across marketplaces